Global Service Scholar: Miah Sabas
Country: Nepal

What I’ve come to learn through this experience is that it is through sharing relentless peace and love with one another that we can heal together. Hearing the stories of the strong female leaders of the farm and living with them, I have been able to witness how communal care transforms people and that healing is possible.

All the women at the farm were super friendly, easygoing, and happy. Hearing them laugh and smile all the time, you would never guess the hardships they have faced or are still facing today. However, it is through the strength in their smiles and the stories they have shared that I have been able to see the power of sharing relentless peace and love with each other and healing together. They can smile because each knows she’s not alone and that they have each other to lean on and to be empowered.

In big and small ways, I witnessed the immense love they share. When we do farm work and road work, I noticed that the women switch between who’s leading the task for the day to ensure that all the women get the proper rest they need and deserve. Whenever there’s political news, I have also seen how they specifically gather as a group to read and discuss these potentially triggering issues together. For them, it’s a way of processing these potentially traumatic and sensitive issues together in order to protect one another and offer support as they read about the violence and injustice in Nepal. 

Another way they give to each other is by doing facials, massage, acupuncture, or hair treatment for other women at the farm. It’s not only an act of service but quality time with the person you want to make feel special. In my time here at Her Farm, the women have let us into their lives and allowed us to experience the communal care they give to one another. They’ve shared the Nepali news that’s troubling them with us and have given us the space to empathize and be with them. 

They have shared their practices of acupuncture and turmeric-rice flour facial masks to show us how they take care of themselves. They’ve encouraged us to rest after some hard days of work. These women have shown me that it is through communal care that they are able to heal alongside one another and share female empowerment both with each other and with everyone they meet.

Being at Her Farm has taught me that there is a magic and power in solidarity and taking care of one another. In that same way, I hope to bring this relentless love and peace within my own community and show that we can heal together. We are strong women with bright smiles who can and will overcome adversity.